2.22.2010 It’s Complicated Advanced Screening

The last Meryl Streep movie I’ve seen would have to be The Devil Wears Prada. Other than that, I’ve only caught her in a couple of trailers on Youtube, that being Doubt and Julie & Julia. I first came across this multi-awarded actress when I was a pre-teen. I remember we had a VHS copy of Death Becomes Her which she starred in, along with Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn. I loved the movie so much, that I watched every weekend after school.

Go forward a couple of years and Meryl Streep is still one of the strongest players in Hollywood. She may be advanced in years but her mega-watt smile and light laughter still remain. In the movie It’s Complicated, Streep and Alec Baldwin are a divorced couple who are finally settling into an easy friendship after 10 years. As much as it is a romantic comedy, don’t expect loads of cheese. There are no long, romantic, Facebook-quotable lines and gooey kissing scenes. I like how the story is mature but funny.

Before I post more details than necessary (I don’t want to be a spoiler), here are some photos from the premiere. 🙂

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