02.03 2010 DJ Myke on Stage1

Sounds familiar? I bet you’ve come across his name once or twice.

Still don’t get it?

DJ Myke might not be a familiar name to the Justin Bieber generation, but mention him to people my age and older and you’d get knowing nods and maybe hear the word “Akafellas”  thrown around. Just like our very own DJ Ryu, Myke Salomon is part of the all-male acapella group, The Akafellas.

Apart from his group stint, DJ Myke decided to do a solo album composed of songs he wrote himself, along with some classic pop hits delivered in his own style. During the show, Myke told me that the album is called “Homework” because he really did work on the album at home–inside the four corners of his bedroom. The videos of his performance will follow shortly. For now, here are some shots from this afternoon’s Stage 1.


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