12.11.2009 Lenka on Mellow947

A petite brunette girl unexpectedly walks in with a couple of other Caucasians…
ME: Hi! (dumbfounded) You’re LENKA? Right? (thought bubble: Oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot!)
LENKA: Hello! Yes!
I shake her hand.
ME: (both arms up in a welcoming manner) WELCOME TO MELLOW!

We let her sit down, Angel smirks as me as Mr V walks in.
MR V: Hi! Lenka!
LENKA: Hello!
QUEENIE (of Sony Music): Lenka, this is Mr V, Angel and Ingrid
LENKA: Hello, nice to meet you all.
ME: (still dumbfounded. quiet)
MR V: Okay here we go…

 And the interview starts…

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