THE PRACTICE OF GODLINESS Chapter 5: Taking on God’s Character

Godliness consists of two distinct complementary traits:
1.       God-centeredness – devotion to God
2.       God-likeness – Christian character
We demonstrate the genuineness of our devotion to God by our earnest desire and sincere effort to become like Him.
The Fruit of the Spirit:
1.       Love
2.       Joy
3.       Peace
4.       Patience
5.       Kindness
6.       Goodness
7.       Gentleness
8.       Self-control
9.       Faithfulness
Others: Holiness, humility, compassion, forbearance, contentment, thankfulness, considerateness, sincerity, perseverance
These sound very overwhelming if we were to adapt them on our own. These are called the fruit of the Spirit because it is the Holy Spirit that will work in us to achieve these characteristics.
THE RIGHT MOTIVE: Devotion to God is the only acceptable motive for actions that are pleasing to God.

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