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A recap from Life Lessons today July 16, 2009

Looks like all the water that evaporated from yesterday is pouring down today. It’s a very dark Thursday indeed. I know the feeling of wanting to snuggle in bed with a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. As simple as that sounds, you have to admit that it is HEAVENLY. Moments like that cannot be bought; these are the simple events in life that we sometimes fail to see and cherish.

As much as I wanted to drive home and sleep, I knew I had to survive the day. After running errands and getting lost in Shaw Boulevard looking for Meralco, I was off to Mellow to do Office Radio.

On Office Radio, we asked the listeners to share interesting/naughty instances of revenge against a nasty colleague or boss.
I couldn’t keep track of all the answers, but I remember a naughty confession a listener named Hazel sent in.

She told us that she was so fed up with a sumbungera officemate who kept making her look bad in front of their boss. In an attempt to get back at her officemate, she dipped her officemate’s utensils in the toilet bowl and returned them to the usual place in her officemate’s desk.

I hope no one in Mellow does that.
Still, as a good practice, if you leave your utensils on your desk or drawer make sure you wash them before you use them. You never know when a colleague decides to make you the object of his/her scorn.

Boardwork was actually fun today, because our two new interns have been nothing but funny–Liz and Jensen. If you were listening closely, you’d remember me mentioning that I took a candid video of Jensen, singing along to Avril Lavigne.
I don’t know whether to post it or not. Half of me is saying that I should go for it, but the other half says “NO!”

Oh well, moving on. For Life Lessons today, I asked the listeners to share a line from a song which they know and believe is true. Why did that line make an impact on their lives?

Shall we start rollin?

shiang_venice: life’s lessons: a quote from the movie “kungfu panda” — “past is history, the future is a mystery, today is a gift that’s why its called present” — today is a gift so might as well enjoy the day and cherish the moment..i am remembered not to worry for tmrw coz its still yet a mystery and tmrw would be based or a result of your doings for today…

CK08: nice topic, uhm, i like it, heheh my response to the topic is simply this lines from the song what ive done by linkinpark, i face myself, to crossout what ive become, erase myself and let go of what ive done” uhm, meaning to forget every single mistakes that have been made and start up with something new and good,.

Elishah_23: hi ingrid! hm, i really love the song out of my league by stephen speaks and i really like the line ” coz its frightening to be swimming in this strange sea but id rather be here than on land.” – true love always takes the risks.

krizcor: hi i got disconnected! this is kriz from qc, just want to say i enjoy listening to you guys… you have the smartest and coolest djs and greatest music in the planet… just want to share this line for your given topic (assignment?) today: “Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you, and life has a funny, funny way of helpin’ you out.” well obviously these are the lines from Alanis Morissette classic song “Ironic”

Life sometimes sucks that you really get pissed off, but no matter how bad your situation is, there would always be persons who would cheer you up—friends, love ones and family. if people would only try stop complaining about so many things…maybe then the world could have been a better place

Maricris Esteves: for me i like the lyrics from sometimes love just aint enough..”There’s a danger in loving in somebody too much and it’s sad wen u know it’s ur heart u cant trust.there’s a danger in loving somebody 2 much baby sometimes love just aint enough..

love also the song broken string of jason morrison and nelly furtado..”u cant play on broken strings.u cant feel anything dat ur heart dont want 2 feel.i cant tell u something that aint real.oh the truth hurts, and lies can i giv anymore wen i love u a little less than b4?

gonos05: Hi Miss Ingrid it’s my first time to send a response, I like the topic, If Im goin to choose a line, it’s like this, Could it be any harder, to watch you go! The hardest thing in life is, if someone let you fall and leave you in troubles. Its so sad, ayaw ko mangyari sakin un, please say to my bro pm_gonos! Thanks and more power!

pathy_garcia2000: hi afternooncruise! just wondering if you can play signal fire by snow patrol. just wanna hear it so bad. Anyway thanks. nga pla,thanks for playing nice music. : D

sheryl cabig: my song would be treat me good by bachelor girl.”treat me good anytime you like show me some kindness if im lucky tonight you got to treat me good anytime at all a little care is all im asking for…” is my theme song right now bec i like this guy but we are on the getting to know stage….

DNUARIN: hi dj ingrid. my favorite line of song came from a non popular song. It was sung by Tina arena in her first album. and it goes like this ” even if all my dreams should come true or even if i should fail, i made you a promise this soul is not for sale.” this line made an impact to me, in fact ito and themesong namin mag hubby. more power to ur station!

BENOM14: β€’ The warrior is a child… Gary Valenciano….. is very uplifting for you. It simply means that human effort should always be coupled with a sense of God. very uplifting for me

-=Arjay 45=-: the most real lyrics is from rolling stones,, you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need,,

patrickleroyabary: Should i give up, Or should i just keep chasing pavements? Even if it leads nowhere, Or would it be a waste? Even If i knew my place should i leave it there? Should i give up, Or should i just keep chasing pavements? Even if it leads nowhere.

I’m hapy ingrid. it pays to risk my emotions n my heart 2 d person i love. n i got d positive response.thank god.

I like the the first line of 214 “Am I real, Do the words I speak before you make me feel” I think it all about truth, trust, love. And also this one “you can’t win at everything but you can try” from With a Smile it tells of if u want sumthng, do it hard.

From my twitter:

strangetea@ingrid947 “no wise words gonna stop the bleeding.” aaah. If you’re hurt, no matter how hard your friends try to give you the most…consoling words, it wouldn’t work. =/

blu3st33l: Man in the Mirror – “If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change”

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