BREAKING NEWS: Senadora Ingrid to withdraw from the 2010 Presidential Elections???

Senadora Ingrid to withdraw from the 2010 Presidential Elections?
by Tito Patito Dokito Frito

MANILA, March 12, 2009– Months after Senator JC Baron departed from the GLA (Greatest Love of All) camp, news has been brewing that the political party’s front liner Senator Ingrid Nieto, is withdrawing from the 2010 Presidential Elections. LOLNews.Com tried to get a statement from Miss Nieto at a recent press conference and all she said was “It’s too early to say. As you know the wagging of tongues is so common now since the elections are coming up.”

The Senator has been criticized by her colleagues for her frequent trips abroad attending high-profile events like the 2009 Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards. “I don’t think I have to defend myself. Let the Silver Globe Award speak for itself.” Senator Ingrid won the first ever Silver Globe Award which was handed to her during the Oscars for supporting and caring for Hollywood celebrities. This has again caught the attention of her detractors, bringing to light the rumored “Senadora Boys” composed of Robert Pattinson, Charlie Cox, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Ben Barnes. The media tried to pry into the issue, but the Senadora left the press conference in a hurry after getting a phone call from US President Barack Obama.


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