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February 4, 2009: Jimmy Bondoc performs live on Stage 1; Noelle Cassandra drops by

February 04, 2009.

I know, this is a super delayed post. My hands have been tied up the entire week with other stuff to write so I didn’t get to work on this.

So I met Jimmy Bondoc for the first time ever. He didn’t sing Let Me Be the One on the show because we ran out of time! He’s super daldal. He only got to sing the new songs he wrote and recorded for his new album under Sony BMG Music called “Walang Araw, Walang Ulan”. He’s put a lot of his heart into the songs and the listeners kept texting in that they could relate to the pain. Oh yeah ouch.

Jimmy was talking about his past heartaches and Mr V goes “SOMEDAY, you’ll find the one because LOVE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS.” Queenie of Sony BMG was laughing silently but Jimmy missed the very obvious NINA joke. Hahaha oh well.

Here are some photos:

Jimmy, vocalizing with Queenie of Sony BMG (naks!)

Ingrid and Jimmy by the Mellow standee

Oh and hey hey hey! My good friend and TWBF co-host Noelle Cassandra dropped by to promote her Valentine concert at the Bellevue with… urp… RICHARD POON and Willie Nepomuceno. Okay so Noelle and Richard are perfect for each other because they’re both Chinese. Hahaha Peace Noelle!

So if you’re planning to spend Valentine’s Day at the Bellevue, here are the details:

February 14, 2009 Saturday
Grand Ballroom 8:30PM

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