Senator Ingrid Nieto rescues a poor baby


MANILA, AUGUST 21, 2008–Senator Ingrid Nieto helped rescue a baby boy from a crazy schizophrenic woman who calls herself Shirley Jamie Lynn from Manila360. A week ago, Senator Nieto’s office received a call for help from the baby’s mother, Beth Santiago-Nicolas.

According to Nicolas, she brought the baby to work when the crazy woman came running in and took the baby. “Tumakbo siya sa loob ng office sumisigaw ng ‘Crispin! Basilio! Crispin! Basilio!’ tapos kinuha na lang ang baby ko.” (She ran inside the office screaming ‘Crispin! Basilio! Crispin! Basilio!’ and then took my baby).
Nieto immediately got in touch with Gosh Avelgas for a search and rescue operation. Police arrested Miss Lynn near a wall in Ortigas Center where she was found cuddling the little boy.

La Senadora with the rescued baby

Senator JC Baron and Senator Ingrid Nieto with the victim.


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