A Royal Engagement?


Manila, June 25, 2008—Is it true that Princess Ingrid of the Kingdom of Mellow947 has replaced Prince Ken from Andalasia?

Word has it that the pink-loving princess was spotted last night at a dinner party in a Manila theatre hanging out with Prince Christopher from the Land Far Far Away. It remains to be seen if Ingrid has indeed, broken off things with her tiny but dashing “true love’s prince” Ken.

After their much-publicized musical courtship in an Andalasian garden some months ago, Princess Ingrid and Prince Ken were never seen together in public again. Could it be the pressures of the unforgiving paparazzi or a royal conflict between the humans and the tiny people? Reports also confirmed that the princess’ mother frowns upon her daughter’s relationship with a man “not her own size”.

According to observers, Princess Ingrid seemed extremely delighted, for she no longer has to go into a thirty-minute explanation of why she and the tiny Prince Ken are in a relationship. As of press time, we are trying to get a reaction from the princess, but she instead sent us this:


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