Shanghai Trip Day 1

I know I haven’t posted anything in a few days as I was trying to gather and schedule things. Last week, I spent an entire weekend with my friends/co-workers Regina and Trina in Shanghai, China courtesy of Studio 23.

Boarding pass/E-ticket

I welcomed the Shanghai 4-day tour with open arms because I haven’t taken a real break in two years. As you know, if you are working in the media, you don’t usually get holidays off. We still go to work even if everyone’s at home, so thank you Regina!

Now, let me tell you that I am not very fluent in Chinese be it Mandarin, Fookien or Cantonese. I just knew that as soon as I set foot in China, things would be different. I’d have to be more observant and careful due to the language and cultural differences. Here are photos of us in the airport:

Our flight was delayed for two hours because we had a little engine trouble–scary! So, in order to NOT get bored, I decided to take snapshots of the instruction card in front of my seat.

Um, airline food. Yay (???)

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