Get to know the ITALENTSTAR girls

The ITALENTSTAR ladies have never seen each other in person, ever.

So far, we girls have been corresponding online and it’s amazing how we all are able to connect through cyberspace.

Allow me to introduce you to the three other female contestants in ITALENTSTAR.

Kash Nagaraj – SGF03 (Singapore)
Kash and I began talking some two or three weeks ago I think. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t know how she’d reciprocate. Kash is currently a media and infocomm student in Singapore. For the length of time that I’ve known her, she strikes me as someone who likes hip hop music and culture. You can check out her site at

Sinhui Jing – MYF03 (Malaysia)
Jing is the supermodel. Her look is no different from the girls you’d see on the covers of our teen magazines here in the Philippines. Like me, she’s also into music. She plays the piano and sings too! Get to know her more at

Inggrid Widyati – IDF05 (Indonesia)
At the start of the competition, I immediately got in touch with her when I found out that we share the same name. Inggrid is a professional dancer and choreographer who is so passionate about her craft. Visit


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