Thank you April Abella

Weehoo! Eliminations began on Saturday, March 8 and I am very happy because I am still part of the competition. The 2nd Round of ITALENTSTAR (Passion Challenge) was launched yesterday. You can view my entry and vote by clicking HERE.

Go check out and see the many videos prepared by all the ITALENTSTAR contestants.Don’t forget to vote for me daily of course!

PHFO4 Ingrid Nieto

Special thanks to Miss Louella Chua (GCF), Bon Sundiang, Ronald Rey de los Reyes, Glen Arganda, Ron de los Reyes, Direk April Abella, Andy Samaniego, Delia Valles, Nene Barron, Ver Flores, Glenn Santos, Dianne Jangayo, Johann Abando, Nell Cruz, Darline Olanosa, Daphne Mitra, Margie Guron, Ate Lani, Ate Glenda and Ate Linda


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