I thought I was dreaming! I made it to the list of 20 representatives from the Philippines! Vote for me by following the directions below:

LOG INTO and click on VOTE
1. Simply click “Register” and fill in your particulars to become a Voter online. Register now if you’ve not done so and
tell all your friends to become Voters too. Upon your registration, you’ll receive a Voter’s account. Your voting
account displays all your voting details like daily votes balance, votes history, including your bonus referral votes.

2. All online users can participate as an iTALENTSTAR Voter, regardless of which country they live in. They only need to
register to activate their Voter’s account.

How to vote

1. Each voter is entitled to 8 votes per day to dispose on the following group of contestant:

* 1 vote : Singapore Male iTALENT
* 1 vote : Singapore Female iTALENT
* 1 vote : Malaysia Male iTALENT
* 1 vote : Malaysia Female iTALENT
* 1 vote : Indonesia Male iTALENT
* 1 vote : Indonesia Female iTALENT
* 1 vote : Philippines Male iTALENT
* 1 vote : Philippines Female iTALENT

b. Any unutilized vote for the day will be forfeited

2. At the Finals Round, each voter will be given [2] votes each per gender per country.

3. Voters must cast their vote through:
i. official voting pages at the country page (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia) OR
ii. the iTALENTS’ Official Profile Page at

To view my profile, click here.

4. You will be acknowledged with a Successful Voting page with greetings from the Contestants that you voted for.
Only votes that are acknowledged will be taken into consideration for the contest.

When to Vote
1. You can start voting for your hot favourites from 14 Feb 08 when all 80 iTALENTS have been unveiled in this website.
Please take note that your votes will be calculated based on the following Voting Window:
Rounds Your Voting Windows
Glamour Challenge Vote from 14 Feb to 7 Mar 08
Passion Challenge Vote from 8 Mar to 14 Mar 08
Fitness Challenge Vote from 15 Mar to 21 Mar 08
Buddy Challenge Vote from 22 Mar to 28 Mar 08
Semi-Finals: Country Challenge Vote from 29 Mar to 8 Apr 08
FInals: Regional Challenge Vote from 9 Apr to 24 Apr 08

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