My first encounter with this guy was about two years ago. I was on my way to Robinsons Galleria from work when this guy driving a WHITE F150 stopped beside me asking for directions to TEKTITE. So I gave him directions, then he asked questions when he suddenly, told me to get on the vehicle and show him where Tektite is. I walked away but he followed and begged me to ride with him. I remember clearly that there was a girl who witnessed it. She looked at me in a knowing way, as if sensing danger. I ran off as fast as I could to Galleria, far away from that man. 

A year later, I was on my way home from the office with my former supervisor Grace when the same guy stopped us and asked for directions to Tektite. What a loser! It’s been a year and he still doesn’t know where Tektite is?! He asked the same questions, and Grace, this being her first encounter with him, readily helped. I recognized the guy as he rolled his window down. I motioned Grace to keep moving when the guy started asking his scripted questions. I told her about my first encounter. 

This morning, at around 5:35, I was on my way down the entrance ramp of our building when a guy suddenly asks me to help him with directions. When I looked back to see who it was… ***Dandararaaa*** THE LOST TEKTITE BOY. 

And as if on cue, he went on with his usual script “Saan yung papuntang Tektite?” I looked back at him in horror (think Sarah Michelle Gellar in Scream) and ran towards the inside of my building as fast as I could. I told the guard not to let the freak in and told him that he’s been doing that “raket” for about two years now. Geez. Upon entering the office, I told my co-workers about what just took place. So happened, one of my officemates did encounter him at around the same time and yes, at the building entrance too. In my officemate’s case, Tektite boy asked for directions and showed her his p****. Freaky.

So Ortigas people, be warned. Remember, he’ll ask you where Tektite is.



  1. ARTi-dsgn says:

    This happened to me, Year 2008, when I was working at VIVA Videos!

    Asking me, which way to Tektite, and then I pointed to follow the FXs. And then sabi nya sakay na ako. I said no, then I walked away, and he kept following me with his car upto the FX terminal near, then he started driving away.

    Kung may dala lang akong bato sa bag, babatuhin ko yun glass sa likod ng car nya.


  2. INGRID NIETO says:

    Hey Arti-dsgn! I think this guy (or could be a group of men with a very sick interest) still hasn't been caught.

    My sister fell victim to this yesterday morning which is why I had to repost this on my networking sites. This time, the guy was driving a beige van but went on with the same modus.
    He asked my sister the way out of the street, asked her to ride with him and even showed her his ***** and kept asking her questions abt you know what!

    My sister was so scared but we praise God because He protected my sister! The man let her go but gave his number to her in case she wants to have _____! What a pervert he is!

    Thanks for sharing and I do hope this man gets caught!


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