Oh how amusing…:O

I know it is a bit inappropriate to rant without first ackowledging the terrible blast that happened at Glorietta this Friday. I do not have the right words to express how I feel about it. Its really sad, I mean imagine yourself walking and enjoying your weekend. Maybe you just went out to lunch then suddenly you don’t know whats happening.

I am just amused at how people can tirelessly talk about themselves all day. I know that vanity and narcissism can be considered part of the norm (especially by teenagers), but its not cute at all. Before writing down my observations, allow me to tell you that I did go through this phase and it gets old after awhile. There is nothing bad about caring for yourself or thinking about your welfare. God knows that man has this characteristic, which was acknowledged in Mark 28:31 as Jesus spoke of the second great commandment of loving your neighbor as you love yourself.
Fussing over yourself will not save the world. It will not feed the hungry, nor will it improve the Philippine economy. But then, who am I to judge?
I’m just here to observe and learn, let the Lord judge.

Isn’t it amazing how some people think they are perfect? How they think they are far better than anyone else? How invincible they assume they are, only to be humbled down by God?

I find it very amusing when people push and shove to out-do each other. One says something and the other retaliates. One answers back and the other retaliates again. There seems to be no end to the senseless bickering where the point they are both driving at is “I am better than you!”

How sad that people spend most of their time watching how their neighbor works or lives. If the neighbor succeeds, more time is spent trying to pull him down instead of working on your own to be successful as well. That’s the system here. Don’t tell me it can’t change. Are we going to keep falling prey to culture? Not everything that’s traditional or cultural is right

As for what goes on in the government, I don’t think I am in a good position to say anything.

Number one–I have not experienced how it is to sit as a public official.
Number two–I don’t really know what goes on inside the Palace or the public official’s office.
Transparency and honesty. Is it too much to ask our rulers to let the public know what is going on? The plans that are being carried out? I don’t see anything wrong because if plans are made for public welfare then there’s nothing you must hide. Criticism will definitely come, but its much better to be criticized than make under-the-table dealings that more often than not, fool the people. How are our taxes being spent? Are they spent to build public utility structures which very strangely bear somebody’s name? Take for example the waiting sheds. How amusing is it that the pillars that support such take the shape of the first letter of a public official’s surname. Ah.

How sad it is that some Christians think that less-involvement in ministry means you are backsliding or spiritually immature. What is our main purpose for living? Isn’t it to glorify God? The thing is, ministry can become an idol–it kind of becomes your measuring rod for spiritual maturity when it shouldn’t be. The Lord sees your heart. Whether you are doing ministry for your glory or for people not to be disappointed is not important to him. Who is the center? When you say “no” to one ministry opportunity, they treat you as a spiritual blacksheep and don’t ask you again.
The thing is, everything you do needs to be prayed for even if it appears “godly”. You need to ask God if he is directing you towards a certain path. For me, one of the worst feelings in the world would be serving in ministry without your heart and God’s guidance in it. It makes you feel like a hypocrite because you appear to be serving God when you know that your heart is not right with Him and you do not feel joy at all. Giving God this kind of service or ministry is as good as c***. Delight yourself in the Lord. You will know you are in God’s will if there is joy in your heart as you serve Him.

So that’s my mixed up morning rant. No PMS.


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