The girl who should replace Vanessa Hudgens on HSM

I know the rumors have been quelled. Disney said they’re no longer replacing Vanessa Hudgens on the third installment of HSM. Maybe they haven’t seen this girl:

Her name is Janel Parrish and she’s a new actress/singer making it on Hollywood. For the youngsters, she’s JADE from the BRATZ Movie.

I’m not so much a fan of the Bratz dolls but the Movie version publicists did a great job of spreading the word. Of course, fans of the dolls wouldn’t miss the movie. My 12-year-old sister for one, is a huge fan. She has the dolls and the DVD copies of the animated TV series (one word: annoying). Compared to series, I like the movie better. Although the plot isn’t anything new, the girls they chose to play the four lead characters are STUNNING. Maybe if given good roles, they’d make it big in Hollywood. Think teenage versions of the Desperate Housewives.

Of the four, this girl here caught my eye. A definite stand out.


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