My Bible-reading came to life. Take a look at my characters…

Over the past two weeks, we were given reading assignments in preparation for the Leaders’ Retreat. Some read in advance, while others (me included) crammed 43 chapters in 3 hours.

I barely had sleep the night before and we had to practice for praise and worship. I read on the way to Laguna and my mind just kept creating these scenes as I read about Samuel, Saul, David and Jonathan. My mind became a movie wherein I played director and my cast members were Hollywood actors.

I envisioned Ian McKellen, full of years but still very much in the service of God as Samuel.

Oded Fehr from The Mummy brought my Saul to life. Seeing his acting skills on The Mummy made me think that he could carry off the shifting of Saul’s emotions and personality.

Jackson Davis is my David, because he was described as handsome and well-built. All of a sudden I wanted to be Bathsheba, but she’s not Asian so…

Jackson, I can be your Bathsheba (eba-eba-eba, eh eh eh… I can be your Bathsheba, eba eba eh eh eh).

So I decided Patricia Velasquez plays Bathsheba. She was fantastic as the tempting Anck-su-namun in The Mummy.

Jonathan, the son of Saul and the friend of David is played by Yousef Abu-Taleb.

Yousef’s half Arab which makes his look quite interesting. Dress him up in prince’s clothes and he’s good to go as Saul’s son.

What I shared with you is a glimpse of a long-term dream I’d like to fulfill (by God’s grace of course). With the advancement of technology, filmmakers are able to make stories come alive. From fantasy movies to sci-fi films, you know that they don’t happen in real life but you find yourself convinced due to the smoothness of special effects. Back in college during film class, I always thought it would be nice to bring Bible stories to the big screen. Since I was little, I’ve only chanced upon a couple, a majority of which were cartoons intended for children. What I’d like to see are Bible movies like The Passion of the Christ (props to Mel Gibson for that wonderful movie).

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the parting of the Red Sea? If James Cameron was able to recapture the sinking of the Titanic, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how Jonah was on the run from God and ended up in the belly of a huge fish?

Hollywood movies are very popular and influential. A lot of us anticipate the movie versions of books we have read or TV series we’ve grown to love. The Bible is considered as the most popular book of all time. I’m sure a majority of the world’s population have read or at least heard of stories from God’s Word. Why did everyone get so excited when the Transformers movie came out? Why do Potter fans wait every year for the next Harry Potter movie? In my case, I look forward to seeing the Bible on the bigscreen because the book is the basis of Christianity.

Christianity is the world’s largest religion, composing 33.06% of the world’s population. Don’t you think more people will anticipate Bible movies? Compared to sci-fi flicks, these events happened and are supported by historical facts. Some producers are apprehensive when it comes to making Bible movies since it is based on religion. They are afraid that they won’t be as popular as comedy or horror flicks. It is my prayer that there would be producers and filmmakers who would do this out of love for God. To be part of producing Bible movies is a thrill for me: over-seeing the story line, casting the actors , promoting it…

I don’t mind if it doesn’t earn millions in the box office. What I’d like is for it to reach many people around the world.

In God’s time and through the abundance of his resources, I know that this dream can be fulfilled through faith, in accordance with his will.

(Still, I wanna be Jackson’s Bathsheba)


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