This is random and my thoughts are flowing free

I’ve been looking for a reputable travel agency that has good travel packages at affordable rates. I’m not really set for a world tour yet, but in the years to come, I am hoping that the Lord would bless me with opportunities to travel.
I cradled this desire in my heart for many years. One of the places I’d really love to go to is Egypt. Ancient Egypt existed way way back, but its amazing how remnants of that civilization remain up to this day. I’d like to see the pyramids, the museums, the Sphinx and the structures that Moses, Ramses and Nefertiti once called home.
Reading up on the stories in the Bible also fueled my desire to go and visit the Holy Land. It is not required of Christians, but a lot of people take the journey and are amazed to see Bible places in the flesh. I’ve seen Jesus’ birthplace in photos and it actually is kind of sad that they made it into some sort of shrine, with all the decorations and stuff. I think it would have made more impact if it were preserved the way it was back in the day–the stable, the hay, the manger.
Anyhow, I’m young. There’s a lot more to see and experience. So many people to meet and reach out to. Speaking of which, I have been communicating with a very kind missionary couple based in Arizona, who go on frequent mission trips to Spain. What they are doing is what I would call noble. Spain is a Catholic country, but what suprised me was the fact that not everyone has heard about the gospel message. Tribal groups still exist up to this day, and since they are used to the uncivilized way of living, reaching out to them is a challenge. That is why I ask you to include the couple, Dave and Ella McMullen, in your prayers.
The Lord commanded that every single person and every nation should hear the Good News. Its a good thing if we are able to bring somebody to Christ, but we must always ackowledge that it is He who convicts a person to think about the offer of eternal life. It is He who causes a person to change, not us. Accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior means you are a new creation. Your sinful nature is cast out–you are dead in your sin, yet alive in Christ.


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