*Never really liked it. There was a time when I was in my teens when I drank it just because my friends were doing so. Now, it really is a no no.

2. Food:
*Food is good. Keeps you alive.

3. Relationships:
*Hahaha! Most of the time complicated due to the fact that individuals tend to expect the other party to understand them when they themselves cannot understand their peers. Its fun though. It brings color to life.

4. Your CRUSH:
*Jackson Davis.

5. Power Rangers:
*Refer to three or four entries back, you’ll see I was a fan of the show.

6. Life:
*A gift, not a right. –forgot where I heard that

7. Death:
*Good bye to the earthly life, hello to my Savior!

8. School:
*I’d like to learn things, but not in school. I’m done na with that.

9. The President:
*Some people may think I’m insane for thinking she’s adorable. I think she’s misinterpreted a lot and there are so many things put in her mouth that she didn’t even say. This woman needs to have Christ in her life.

10. Yummy :
*Some people call their SO’s that. I think its a magazine.

11. Cars:
*Boys toys! I will get one in God’s time

12. Movie:

13. Halloween:
*Crazy. Another excuse for party people to party!

14. Sex:
*After marriage.

15. Religion:
*I am not part of the Hymn of One or The Order! If we’re talking religion, I’m a Baptist

16. Myspace:

17. Fear:
*Something intangible that always stops us from doing what we’re supposed to do.

18. Marriage:
*Still being prepared.

19. Blondes:
*Are sunny happy shiny people

*I like wearing them at home and when my feet hurt from wearing stilettos all day. hehehe

21. SHOES:
*Nice question.

22. Asians:

23: Pasttime:
*Video editing, graphics ๐Ÿ™‚

where is 24?

25: Cell Phone:
*I’m not a follower of cellphone trends, as long as I can communicate with it that’s fine.

26: Smoke:
*I don’t.

27. Fantasy:
*Mariah Carey’s song.

*Enjoyed it better than high school

29: Highschool life:

30. Pajamas:
*I wear something else

31. Stars:
*The debut album of Indo-Filipina singer Lala.

32. Fitness Center:
*Maybe, maybe not.

33. Alcohol:
*I use 70% to sanitize

34. The word love:
*Dearn. Intense!

35. Friends:

36. Money:
*A necessity, but oftentimes abused.

37. Heartache:
*It happens so we learn and be wiser

38. Time:
*Is the element of love

39. Divorce:
*Ideally no. Would do it if my fairytale husband suddenly turns psycho and starts threatening to kill me.

40. Dogs:
*Ours are all white. Very noisy.

41. UndiES:

42. Parents:
*I love them both

43. Babies:
*Not now.

44. Stripper:

45. Blogs:
*Love it. Form of expression.

46. News:

47. Weddings:
*Andy Samaniego’s expertise. By the way, he’s not a priest. :p I’d like to get married someday, but not now.

48. kleenex:

49. Tomorrow:
*Yacies Thursday again!

50. Next:
See my next blog


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