What I ate today–August 2, 2007

I failed to take photos of what I ate for lunch, but just to give you an idea… I had two whole cucumbers sliced thin and drenched in yummy vinegar. I had two carrots chopped into sticks. Yummee mee. I boiled sinigang soup with calamansi and was very satisfied.

Halfway through my meal, I felt my stomach churning. Woo hoo… ze acids were beginning to get the better of me. I didn’t care. I was enjoying my meal. I felt so clean and so healthy. I stuffed my mouth with more cucumber and carrots.

When I got to Trapik, things were still going well. Around 5PM… I started to feel my stomach demanding its master to feed it. Oh yeah. I was hungry.

…and guess what I thought of eating.


I did the rest of my reports before I went down with my friend Indi for breaktime. We decided to make a beeline for the big J.

I ordered a Chicken Joy meal with extra gravy and large fries.

Guess what?

I completely cancelled out my healthy lunch meal.



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