Taking our mission seriously

Was surprised to read about the plane accident in Brazil yesterday.


200 people dead, in a flash. Makes me wonder if any of them heard about Christ. It’s actually sad that there are thousands of people who die each day in wars, suicide bombings, murders and accidents.

It really is devastating.

I wish I could reach more people for God. I’m thinking this is a wake-up call from him, that Christians should take spreading the gospel seriously. Sometimes, we grow so complacent, even selfish, that we are content as long as we are saved. It’s like saying “I don’t care if the others go to hell, basta ako I’m saved.” I don’t think its right. I fall into this temptation too, but I feel God nudging me to do something.

For me, spreading the love of Christ and sharing the eternal life He offers is not just about evangelizing, it’s how you live your life. As Christians, we are to show others that our lives are REALLY changing, as a result of Christ’s presence in our lives. Yes, it is a struggle, for we are no longer of this world. Once Christ is in our hearts, it’s a battle between our sinful nature and the new life he gives us.

I struggle, yes I do.

Sometimes I feel so unworthy, but I am blessed by the fact that the struggle means the Spirit is at work in my life.

When I read the news, I am reminded that there’s more to life than just having things that you want. Sometimes we worry too much about trivial affairs, that we don’t even see there are a lot of people who are headed for hell.

I remember following the Kelsey Smith story. For some reason, I was so burdened by that. I don’t know her, but the Lord led me to pray for her family and the people she knew. I don’t really know if Kelsey was a Christian, but reading from the www.findkelsey.com website, it states that she and her family attend a Methodist church.

I really think that she did not deserve to die that way. It still causes me pain when I recall the results of the investigation and how she died.

If we open our eyes to the things that happen around us each day, we will realize that there’s so much work to be done. Let’s not leave the spreading of the gospel to the pastors, the ministers and the missionaries. As Christians, we are to spread the good news.

Luke 10:2-3

“He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.”

Will we allow more people to die without hearing the Good News? There are so many people! Look around you–it maybe your Muslim neighbor, your distant relative, your teacher. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to reach out to them. Genuine acts of kindness or even a simple smile is enough to bless them, to make them wonder “What does this person have that I don’t? What kind of hope does he/she have?” That is your opening!

Remember, Jesus was just sitting by the well when a woman came and He spoke to her. Was Jesus preaching at that time? No. He was just sitting there and conversed with the woman. That was enough to make the woman wonder “Who is this man, who is not afraid of being ridiculed for talking to me?” Back in the day, women were not given much importance. To be seen talking with a woman was already humiliating. See how a simple CONVERSATION led to the woman’s CONVERSION, and how by being blessed, told others about it?

Well people, aside from praying we have to do something to reach out to others. We don’t have to be some big missionary to bring somebody to Christ. We can be a friend, a confidante, a co-worker, a brother, a family member. Infect others with the love we receive from Christ and the new life he offers. Compared to being a missionary, these acts may seem small, but what truly matters is it’s for the Lord and the furtherance of His kingdom

For the people who have gone into missions, I have nothing but respect and admiration for you. Your labor is not in vain.



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