An update on Madeleine McCann and myself

Alright, I have good and bad news:

Remember my post before this? Well, it wasn’t Madeleine McCann’s body that they found. Some insensitive person decided to ride along the chase and make fun of the whole thing.

Madeleine is still missing. They anonymous letter is a fraud, so is the phone call. and her parents are still busy locating the girl.

And now for something different…

I attended growth group last night and learned a lot of things. During the ride home, I was busy reflecting and all. Have I been allowing the blessing to overflow or have I been keeping it all to myself? I recalled the time that I was on a cab and saw a couple of Muslims and immediately felt compassion for them. Very strangely, it came out of the blue. Must be God working in my heart to extend love and friendship to them. I don’t know, but I never saw Muslims as bad people. Most people just have this nasty misconception about them due to terrorism. Not all of them are like that. I actually find them nice. Its amazing how they believe and live out their religion. Makes you think how they do it.

I so want to write more but, its not a very good day for me. Maybe I’ll fill you in when I’m ready to. ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheers. (How fake can it get?)


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