Poor Dannielyn

Yes darlings, I am talking about the sweet little baby of Anna Nicole Smith [may her soul rest in peace]. I just found it disturbing that the baby’s biological father Larry Birkhead, had the nerve to pose for press photos like he won the lottery.

Yeah, sure. You did win the lottery, if that’s how you see the whole thing. My gosh, what a sleazebag.

I’m sure most of you would also think twice about trusting that man. Come on, like you haven’t seen it in movies and the oh-so-popular soap opera storylines.

I’m thinking of the kid. Poor little girl. I just hope that somebody takes real good care of her. Losing your mother when you’re barely a year old would be a painful realization growing up. Also, her worth is measured by the amount of money she’ll be inheriting. Jeez. My heart goes out to Stern, for some reason I really do believe he has more concern over the girl. For one thing, before Anna Nicole passed away, he was somehow the child’s father-figure. She has HIS SURNAME! As for Anna Nicole’s mother… I guess its better to hand Dannielyn to her than give it to the sleazebag.

Oh celebrity babies.


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