On the detox

A couple of my Trapik officemates and I decided that we’d go on a detox diet this Holy Week. We’ve been hearing a lot about the apple detox diet and how it works. You’re supposed to only have apples for three days–apples, apple juice, apple sauce, just apples and oh, water! On the third day you drink two ounces of olive oil and the purging happens. I promise to do more research on this and tell you all about the three day thing. I’m on my first day, been eating apples and downing apple juice like there’s no tomorrow. I feel light and fine. Its recommended that you do this when you’re not working, as apples will be your only food source. No rice, no sweets, no anything. That’s why we decided to do it for the loooong break.

I’m having a headache though, withdrawal symptoms maybe? Hmmm πŸ™‚ Oh well. Toodles. I shall update my Vlog soon. πŸ™‚


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