Been dealing with a lot of changes lately. I admit it really is not easy. As much as I will miss doing Mellow Nights, I like that fact that I don’t have to give up any of my Trapik shifts. A little adjustment here and there and things will be smooth, I just know it.

Starting next week, I will no longer be heard at night time. I’ll be doing the Afternoon Cruise and PM news, making my schedule less complicated. I have the night and the weekends off–something I’ve been praying for since last year. Now I no longer need to worry about losing sleep, getting eyebags [sorry, I’m vain like that] and going home late.


Oh, changing the subject… Julianne came and visited Mellow Nights yesterday and she sang a fabulous rendition of Corrinne Bailey Rae’s Trouble Sleeping.

Sobra galing! Its really different when you let God lead your career, this started out as a dream for her and look at her now. Its very comforting to know that our future is secure, as long as we have the Lord. Men truly have their own ways, but only God sees the bigger picture, so all we have to do is trust in Him. We may not understand everything that happens to us but we can be assured that these were pre-ordained. God knows the next event, he knows what to do. If we encounter trouble, we only have to go to Him and ask for assistance. Most of the time, men rely on their own capabilities and end up disappointing themselves. I have done that so many times, only to stumble and realize what a fool I am not to ask God for help. Sometimes, its actually pride that prevents us from enjoying the blessings of God.

That’s just about it for this morning. My brain is now half-asleep. My eyes are heavy and I know I’ll be hitting the sack once my morning shift is over. Toodles! ๐Ÿ™‚


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