On "Housewife" Mode Again

I stayed home this morning as I was not feeling well after my shift at Mellow last night. I could feel the onset of a coming cold, so I just had to hit the sack longer. I am “traumatized” by the past sick sessions I’ve had and I don’t want them happening again.

I really miss staying home. It may be so shallow for some but I was extremely happy to talk to my siblings, my aunt, my uncle and Lola over lunch. Its one of those things that I no longer get to do on a regular basis. I also cleaned up my little Chooki’s “room” as ants have invaded her nursing area. The kittens are growing so quick and their meows are so tiny, it kind of gets annoying.

Before heading off to my afternoon shift at Trapik, I made time to go to the grocery and select my food for the day. I pulled out a cart and my body switched to housewife mode almost immediately. I guess all women have that in them, whether they’re married or not. Its that certain attitude or mode that you just have when you go shopping for groceries. I don’t know. Maybe its just me. But I love scooting through the grocery lanes. There are so many products with so many uses, you just have to know how to put them together.

Recently, I’ve been trying to eat healthy. No, I’m not trying to lose weight. Its more of, I want what’s good for my body because what you eat contributes to your over-all health. I’m a sucker for vegetables and fruits. Not to mention sushi—lots of it. Fried foods, I do take when it cannot be avoided [which is actually pretty regular, since my office is surrounded by fast food chains and cafeterias that seem to only have meat dishes on their daily menu]. Thank God I have a co-worker who is pretty much on the same wavelength as I am. I love tea and coffee too. Fruit juices have been added to my diet ever since that stupid flu episode hit me this year, I now take fruit juices regularly since it ups my resistance and does good for my system. Eek. I’m like a health freak.

Anyway, after paying for the stuff I got, I passed by this home-making area, and the housewife mode switched on again. Throw pillows, curtains, doormats, bed sheets, comforters…sheesh! My eyes danced with excitement. During my shopping expeditions, I always make it a point to drop by the home depot area of malls. It’s something I really enjoying doing. As I go through the kitchen, living, dining and bedroom sections, I tend to imagine myself purchasing stuff for my own home. I also like the fact that these home depots have introduced kikay versions of furniture, utensils and basic house stuff. It just gets me so psyched to get myself my own abode!

One time, I was looking through BLIMS when I came across a newly-married couple who were choosing furniture [I overheard them talking which is why I found out they just got hitched, haha].

As I looked at the prices of furniture I gasped inwardly. A couch is not like your regular v-neck chiffon dress that costs somewhere between 1000-3000 bucks. I tried looking for cheaper couch alternatives and only saw a two-seater at 15,000. What the? And that’s just one couch. To make a home, you have to have more than that. You still have to dress up the kitchen, get a dining table, so on and so forth. That is why it dawned on me again that marriage and family life is not as easy as one-two-three. Sure, getting hitched is easy. You find someone you fancy, discover that you’re made for each other, go steady for a few years and eventually tie the knot. Oh how magical! How fairy-tale! Of course, its easier for the girl since the weight of the responsibility, in reality falls on the guy.

So I guess we all don’t need to rush. As my aunt and Lola always tell me “Enjoy the single life and use it to prepare yourself for marriage.” I think more and more singles are taking that to heart, because a fair percentage of people who get married are in their late 20’s or early 30’s… even beyond!

Some of my friends react violently however, once they find out I’ve decided to settle down in my late twenties:
“Ano ka ba! Mahihirapan ka na magka-anak nun! Dapat 25.”
“Mahihirapan ka mabuntis.”
Um. Ok. Why am I not convinced?

Number one—I’m not thinking of having a dozen kids, so child bearing for me shouldn’t be much of an issue. As long as the Lord gives me happy and normal kids plus enough money to support them, I’m cool with that.
Number two—Children come from God, so if he’ll bless me and my husband with two or three, that would be great.
Ergh. Enough. Let’s switch housewife mode off.

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