Four down, ergh. How many more to go?

Oh Lady
I’m only human
Of flesh and blood I’m made
I’m only human
Born to make mistakes

Not so, Craig David. Its a lovely song, speaks the truth but it ain’t an excuse to keep doing so. Ergh. So many things surprise you when you try to track down what your friends have been up to. I’m not naming them, but I gotta admit that I am disappointed upon finding out that four of them have committed a foolish error, and they’re not even out of school. Its just… sayang. From a parent’s point of view, I would understand why mothers and fathers go berserk when a girl goes “I’m so sorry…I’m pregnant.”

Yeah, we’re only human. When the temptation is there, its so hard not to give in. But then, every temptation has a way out. You can say yes, or you can say no. But then that’s tough, you can’t stop hormones from raging, especially if the guy/girl you’re with is uber hot. Okay enough now. This is getting censored.

Haay, sayang talaga.
What sucks is that some of them ended up going through the pregnancy alone! Its sad when guys suddenly turn chicken, when all they need to do is be a man and take responsibility for what they’ve done. The nerve even, of one of them to say “Are you sure that’s mine?” Damn.

Ladies and gents… from your Ate Ingrid. Think think think!!!

-If and only if…the hormones rage overtime, use protection. Arkh.

Babies are adorable. They grow into cute-sy toddlers, then become kiddie monsters and so on. For them not to totally turn into a hideous creature, you will have to subject them to preschool education. You gotta prime them about life: One plus one. Two plus two. ABC. Oxygen+Hydrogen 2 = Water.
-Raising a kid is no easy task, how do I know? I got my little siblings to look after and berating them is not a piece of cake. You will have to deal with changing personalities, issues and so many things. You have to tell them off at the same time earn their respect and trust.
-Last: If you’re still in school, abstinence from the deed is highly encouraged.

I feel so lola.


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