Reflecting on the Ten Commandments film

Its been a long time since I was able to watch another Bible story movie. Before going off to Makati last Saturday for the Date in the Sky event, I was able to chance upon the Ten Commandments and it brought a lot of nostalgia. Not that I remember my childhood or anything, its just that the movie illustrated the life of Moses, one of the greatest leaders in the Bible. It is interesting to know how he was portrayed in the film. As much as there were exaggerations, if you know the Bible well enough you would be able to determine if the movie is staying true to its source. Moses was very human. He dealt with some anger issues and is known to have a hot temper. It would be so easy to say “If he believed in God, he would not go angry like that.” But come to think of it, Moses is just like you and me. He was tasked with something very big–leading a nation out of Egypt. He had to go through the haughty eyes of Ramses, the stubborness and the hardness of his heart. Upon being allowed to leave Egypt, Moses now had to contend with a disobedient nation who faltered in their faith and complained day in and day out. Try putting yourself in his place and see how you would react. I probably would be screaming at them, tell them to shut up and just follow. Yeah, it was not easy. But Moses was able to do it. Another thing that amazes me is how the Lord weaved his story.
Imagine, a young baby who is supposed to be killed is hidden by his mother and sister in the river reeds, then the baby is found by no less than the Egyptian princess! She takes him as her own and he is raised and educated according to Egyptian standards. The Lord is amazing really. He can do all sorts of things to put his plans into action. Although we may cannot understand at times, we can be assured of the fact that He will never leave us nor forsake us.
I miss the lengthy conversations I usually have with God when I do my afternoon walks. It is a blessing for me to juggle jobs, but sometimes, you just really want to go back and do what you used to do. I believe this is all for a purpose and there never is an excuse to NOT talk to God. He is everywhere. He hears you, sees you and feels you.

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