All I need is a shot of espresso, aromatherapy and good spa music

Eeek. I’ve been losing sleep more than the usual this month. Credit it to my crazy work schedule, hosting gigs and recording–but I am not complaining, I am happy and thankful. The Lord is good to shower blessings on my birth month, one more reason to say that I love December more than any other month of the year.

I realized so many things today. The aftermath of a not-so-pleasant family incident is the culprit. My parents are fine, my siblings are the same crazy bunch. It really does affect you however, when a relative goes through something really painful.

I have never given thought to the seriousness of relationships until I’ve come of age. When I was little, love was when my mom and dad kissed each other. I never thought love and marriage was something deeper than that. Its sad when marriages fail. Its sad when they end in a sad note. The two parties are not the only ones who go through pain–the kids are greatly affected too. My advice might not be taken seriously as I am not a credible source when it comes to marriage. One thing I can say though, it really matters when you take things up with God. If He remains the center of the relationship, I don’t think anything would go wrong. As humans of course, we do subject ourselves to petty quarrels and


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