Okay, so most people know that I have a love affair with colors and my life will never ever be complete without them.
Never ever.
When I was little, the only color I wanted was pink. I thought blue was too boyish and yellow so lame. I didn’t see the beauty of contrast and complement. Go forward fifteen years and I am so engrossed with color—my room is proof.

I was chatting with my church mate Thomas last Sunday and he asked if he could take a look at my notebook. Apparently, he went through this hand writing analysis book and I was surprised he got most of the things right. From the way I arrange my clothes, to the way I keep my distance from people. It was crazy cool. He mentioned that I arrange my clothes in order of color, and that is absolutely right. He mentioned something about me and my shoes and he hit a bingo again. That is so cool.

I’d really love to take photos of my room, but I’m a bit shy of exposing my little sanctuary. I’ll just tell you what it looks like and then you can imagine whatever.

I’m using a deconstructed double deck bed, and I sleep under. The top bunk doesn’t have a mattress—it is home to my lovely bag collection, some folders, papers, trophies and stuffed animals. My windows are shrouded in pink Hello Kitty curtains [uhm, I don’t like her. So happened they were the ones my aunt got for me when she was in Honk Kong and it provides great cover]. I have a dresser-full of art, toiletries, accessories and clothes. I have piles of various necklaces, satin ribbons, headbands, hair clips, my make-up stash and my ever-reliable make up kit my aunt got for me. I have four clothing racks, which are arranged by color. My shoes are lined up under my dresser. One of my clothing racks has a special hook wherein I hang my earring mat—its pretty heavy, and delicate, so hitting it would mean disorder. My desk is right at the foot of my bed, just beside my book case. My book case is heavy. I’ve re-arranged my furniture lots of times but it is always with the book case that I encounter difficulty. I have to empty it just so it would budge. That would take an entire day. I end up starving right after.

Over my book case is a colorful array of cardboard magazine racks that make me smile—not only are my stuff in order, they’re arranged in color. Wow.

Just behind my door are two shelves stacked over each other. These contain my CDs, my UK universities prospectus collection and some other knick knacks.

And so, that sums up the story of my room. Heehee


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