The Devil’s Lair

Have you ever thought of how the enemy can make things look so good, that you end up realizing you’ve been deceived when everything’s over and done with? Don’t you think that the enemy makes sinning look so attractive that you give in and sin before it even dawns on you that it is bad?

Today, I relate to you a particular experience which has taught me in lots of ways, although I have a lot of regrets. My emotions have been bruised and I really do feel miserable.

Look, I don’t want to get into details, the thing is, I fell for it. It looked so attractive! The package was just so nice that I even had thoughts of acquiring more than what has been offered to me. Yeah, talk about compromise. It sucks, man.

I can’t help but remember Jesus when he was tempted by Satan, for forty days. Some of us would think he really won’t give in… he’s a God. But he became man. At the recent Theology class, Pastor Mark discussed proof of the humanity of Jesus. Just like you and me, he experienced hunger. He got angry. He got tired. He wept. What could be more human than that? And it took a lot for Him to control his urges when Satan was pestering him in the desert. If I put myself in his shoes, I don’t know what I would do. He was such a man of wisdom, that he answered Satan with the Word of God. So you’re in the desert. You’re hungry. Got no food, you’re tired, you got no sleep and there’s this being who follows you around and makes certain promises. Would you give in? I don’t know about me. But then, I always recall that portion in Scripture that says that the Lord will never let us experience anything that we cannot withstand, meaning, there always is a way out when we are faced with temptation. We are rational beings, we certainly can decide and decipher wrong from right.
But yes, sin really is deceiving.


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