Geez. It’s halfway through the week and I disappointingly haven’t been able to keep up with my ‘trial’ covenant. It’s very easy actually. I just had to control my fingers from weaving together a group of words, and pressing the ENTER button right after.

So easy. But I ended up giving in.
In life, God gives us the privilege of choosing. Are we not mortals who have the ability to think and decide for ourselves? Again, this goes to show that God is not a power-tripping deity who strictly wants to enforce what is right. If it were that way, I’d say the human race is an empire of robots.

In my fifteen years of being a Christian, God has shown his existence and involvement in my life in more ways than one. I particularly felt his presence when I was living alone. As much as it was exciting at first, I immediately felt lonely even if my family lived a bus ride away. I do not deny that I cried non-stop on the first day, but then, I felt a sense of peace and protection. I felt that the Lord was with me. Most of my friends know that I scare easily. Some sixteen years back, I couldn’t sleep with the lights off as eerie images flooded my brain. Given that, I thought that living alone would be horrifying. Funny as it may sound, I imagined a Sadako-like character would appear anytime. Point is, God was there to comfort me. It was then that I was able to relate to Daniel, when he was in the den of lions; with Elijah, when he was told by God to stay in the Kerith Ravine and Paul, during his missionary journeys.

Also, for the past six years of hardcore commuting [4 years of going to and from Rizal to UST, 2 years of going to and from various destinations to Rizal] I am very delighted to share with you how the Lord has protected me all this time. Of course, I still am on the alert for robbers and people of their kind, but God has amazingly protected me from such. I do remember however, I was once held up in college when I was on my way to Quiapo. I kept using my celphone in public, not knowing that the man beside me was planning a hold-up. Imagine my surprise when he pulled at my bag, with a knife pointed at me.
It was scary. Since I had already finished texting, my phone was tucked inside my bag, I told him I’d get it, but I instinctively reached for my tear gas instead. I don’t know what kind of strength was in me but I bravely pointed it at him, next thing I knew, he got down the vehicle. I was shaking and crying after it happened. Although nothing was taken from me, I was terrified. Still I am thankful for no harm came upon me.

Whenever I travel, it always helps to pray and ask the Lord for protection and provision. In my case, my work schedule extends till midnight, making it almost impossible to get a ride home. I don’t trust taxis, for the very reason that 80% of them overcharge once they find out where I live and also, I don’t want to take the risk at 12midnight, knowing full well that there are desperate thugs who make a career out of robbery, some of them merging with cab companies to prey on innocent people.

Enough of the angst, let’s just get into the very recent book I’ve read. CAPTIVATING by John and Stasi Eldredge. Its not chick lit by the way, but the book talks about the essence of being a woman. It sheds light to some of the issues that bother women, explains why we act and react in certain ways, differentiates us from men and defines our role as intended by God. I like how the book was written because it had no imperative tone, nor did it come across as a goody-goody book. Some of the issues were pretty upfront which made me love it even more. I highly recommend that my male friends get their hands on WILD AT HEART, written by the same authors. Its really intended for the guys, but I couldn’t help peeking at a few pages.

Among the topics I came across were:
It discussed why men have this great need for conquest and adventure, their tendency to concentrate on the physical and sexual aspect when it comes to the opposite sex, the hero-saving-a-damsel-in-distress complex and so much more. If you’re just like my friend Ronald, who cannot explain why he is always after adventure [and women, hehehe], then you should get your hands on this book.
For the ladies, if you’ve always wondered why as little girls, we loved twirling around in circles wearing a dress; and why we’ve always been damsels in distress… get this for Christmas!

Okay. I pretty much said a mouthful already. Time to concentrate on my boardwork! Hahaha God bless y’all


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