Wake me up when September ends

I went shopping today. As always, it was thrilling.

After a few weeks of abstaining myself from the sprawling department stores of SM Megamall, I found myself scooting through every floor, feasting my eyes on the colorful and delightful merchandise. I almost avoided the accessories section, knowing full well that I won’t be able to say no to the belts, earrings, scarves, bracelets and other fashiznit. I went to the ladies’ section and saw a lot of neat blazers that would make one look like a corporate diva. But I had to break away. I need to hold on to my stash.

I went down to the Supermarket and got myself dried mango chips and dried papaya to bring to work. I’m so loving fruit preserves these days—helps ease bowel movement and cleans up your system. I’ve also been a serious green tea drinker for almost 4 months now. It took awhile before I got used to the taste. Now I crave for its astringent tanginess. Good for the body too.

Yesterday however, I was not able to resist indulging in MR CHIPS. Mmmmmm. The delicious cheese, the crunchy triangle shape… I want another one. NOW.

And so, another month ushers in tomorrow. Yipee. I cannot believe this year went by so fast with a lot of things happening. It could be a bit too early to write 2006 reflections, but it won’t hurt to do so ey? In January, we were getting ready for the much-anticipated showing of Realty World. As much as the show brings both good and bad memories, I always think of it as good experience. That taught me a lot, in terms of television production and dealing with difficult people. I’m no stranger to people gnawing at your back, wishing you’d trip on your face and make a big fool of yourself. Funny how the world runs this way. No one really wants to help each other. If they’re down there, they want you to fail too. Enough of that, that’s another story. This month also marks my last RX boardwork before fully committing myself to the show.

In February, the show went on air. Positive and negative reactions came in, but it was all good. We were able to run until the first week of May, if not for the witches that pulled some strings on the network. I tell you, crab mentality is prevalent in Filipino culture and it sucks.

March was fine. Kathleen, a good friend and one of the show’s account executives went on meeting a lot of prospective clients. Production was hell, as we had limited man power, but we were able to do it—by faith and standing together. As much as the big b was difficult to contend with (and a maniac he was too!), we just had to stick through it till it was over.

April. Summer summer summer! We were so ready to get out and hit the beach, talk to resorts and have them featured on the show. In spite of sporadic disturbances of long-nosed witches, thank heavens these were put at bay. Interesting episodes featuring Ramon Cuervo III, Tessa Prieto Valdes and the beautiful Tagaytay Highlands were some of the highlights.

May was time to say goodbye. I shall not elaborate on how it came to be, but some scheming people put the show to a halt. Tss. [Where are you now guys?] Through it all, we were able to prove that God stands by those who believe in him. As much as it wasn’t a pleasant one [some legal fashiznit almost took place], it certainly taught us a lot of things:

Number one—make sure you read and re-read contracts before you even get into one. Iba na ang sigurado. You have something to hold on to, especially if your boss is known as a person who doesn’t have one word.

Number two—keep receipts. They’re your only proof against wrong accusations of overspending company resources.

Number three—check your pay slip and make sure the deductions are LEGIT and APPROVED. Check with the BIR, and with other accountants. Some companies unfortunately deduct from your salary but never pay up the contributions. Sneaky? Yes. Some accountants can be sneaky. And jealous too…especially if you make more than they do.

Number four—people who try to put you down will move at all costs. They will try to ruin you via gossip and threats. If you ignore, they lose.

Number five—you cannot have everything . God is fair and just. Some people can seem to have it all, but who are we to question God? He created us, gave us life, blessed us with parents and the necessary things to survive.
This brings me to
Number six–find contentment. I admit that I have not fully acclimatized to this but I am learning how. Everyday, if you open your eyes and start thinking about what you have, you will realize how much the Lord has blessed you. Now, this does not give you the right to brag, for all things come from the Lord. He can and He has all the power to take it back. But He is gracious. If we try living with a thankful heart, ikaw na mismo ang mahihiya kay Lord. Aww.

So much for a month. But there’s more! Thanks to Honda, I was able to go to Dos Palmas, Palawan in the first or second week ata of May! That trip made me admire creation so much more. I was able to see a part of the Philippines‘ outline, the way we see it from a map (ooh Google Earth!) . It also made me think that nature couldn’t have sprung on its own. THERE REALLY IS A GOD BEHIND ALL THESE! Could nature arrange such wonderful colors together as if it were a painting? I was very lucky to get a window seat and I was looking through the window the entire trip. Maganda ang Pilipinas. Ika nga ng kanta “Tara na! Biyahe tayo ng ating makita ang ganda ng Pilipinas…” Sayang lang, we have to take care of it! Now I know why foreigners travel to our country, despite of terrorist threats.

Tama na ang May. June naman. This marks my joining Trapik.Com. After all the sleepless nights and stress-filled weeks, this job is another one of the proofs that God grants prayers if it goes according to His will and you seek Him with all your heart. Ang galing eh.. I asked him to specifically give me a job near GCF, para it won’t be hard for me to involve myself in the ministry. Schedule was fine (although I was weirded out by it at first, since it was broken), and the pay seemed to be okay too… not until I got my first payslip. SSS deductions. Tax deductions (oh screw the goverment if they misuse MY MONEY). But its better than having to figure those things out on your own. Hirap pumila ha.

July. Hmmm what’s interesting about July? Was able to record a few demo tracks with Artstrong. The day we recorded was funny. Rico dropped by too and it was fun collaborating and stuff. Galing nila. Artstrong’s a very talented guy and his music needs to be known worldwide!!! =D

August. Ahh TURNING POINT/CROSSOVER SINGLES’ ANNIVERSARY. Its this community of singles I belong to in our church. This is family. Met a lot of cool people, most of them older [hehe]. Also, GCF launched the new building with a memorable inauguration service with lots of food, fun and fellowship. =D

September. Madami. Emotional? Oh yeah, you bet, pwet. Some realizations. Dawson Creek fashiznit. Stoppet!

Tama na. =)


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