Scary, I tell you.

“A re-creation of the A. afarensis known as Lucy brings us face-to-face with one of our earliest and best known ancestors. In 1974 a team led by paleoanthropologist Donald C. Johanson caught the first sight of Lucy’s elbow protruding from gravelly sediments. Dated at 3.2 million years ago, the set of fossilized bones found in the badlands of Hadar, Ethiopia, proved to be a groundbreaking find (
Ethiopia facts and map). At the time Lucy was the oldest and most complete early human fossil ever found. Her pelvic and leg bones indicated that she had walked upright. Lucy’s species was given the name Australopithecus afarensis in 1978. The species is believed to be the common ancestor of all later human species, including modern humans.”

Found this on National Geographic. I remember that I was first introduced to “Lucy” when I watched the Dwayne Johnson starrer, “Doom”. Its supposed to be a modern, sci-fi take on this archaeological find that has sparked a lot of controversy due to its so-called completeness.

And so a lot of scientists have tried to restructure the pieces of bones and came up with this:

Not exactly a pretty sight. Aren’t you glad you were born in the 21st century?
It certainly points to the fact that our similarities with apes are inescapable. Could it be then, that Adam and Eve would have looked this way back in the day? How about Noah and the rest of the humans that followed? When did God decide to somewhat, upgrade the physical appearance of the human race?

It is for him to know, whether we would find that out, I cannot say. Against a God who is infinite, we are just humans who have limited understanding. It is not true that we can find the answers to everything. Some of them will definitely get answered when we get to Heaven.

And so going back to “Lucy”, another thing sparks my interest–Why did God decide to dissipate this race? Could they have been stained with the sin Adam and Eve introduced?

So many questions. How do I get the answers? Go God. I’ll sit and wait =D


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