Live love, that’s how you give love

Yeah. The title is actually part of a line of the song “Show you love” Wala lang.

The past few days have been a bit stressful for me, but then, I am thankful for I find peace in the presence of God. As much as my schedule has been a killer, He has provided a place for me to doze off in between shifts. He truly is the Great Provider and He will never leave His children alone.

So how am I surviving with my schedule? I lack sleep for the most part, but I try to catnap whenever I can. I find time to shop in between, one of the best therapies in the world. I’m pretty packed from Mon-Wed, so do not ever annoy me on those days! Haha

Been thinking about us. I don’t know what’s going on. The meantime girl is on the shelf once again, and I’ll be sitting here until I am needed. Sigh. It’s difficult to explain but I am happy where he is. Sometimes, I say that it’s pointless to ask God about it because I pretty much know the answer “No, my child”

Hay. Love is a bummer


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