The saying is true that music can make or break one’s day. I however do not recall where I heard that from. My weekend was a mix of happy and sad moments; some I choose to remember, while the others I try my best to put behind. The thought has been bugging me last night. I am tired of being the Joey to this entire Dawson’s Creek drama. No, I don’t take a rowboat across the creek to get to my best friend’s place. Neither have I slept in his house during weekends. Classic best friend-lover drama, I know.

Some of us have the unfortunate experience of being ‘mean-time’ girls to guy friends. What’s there to lose? You get the benefits of being in a relationship without having to commit. I coin the term from a fellow mean time girl who wrote an article on the pains of being one.

You see, no matter how it breaks our hearts, we are happy loving from afar. Yes, we can tolerate how guys call us to come over when their date ditches them. We are patient enough to listen to night-long lamentations of being turned down. We go through this acting like everything is fine, wearing a straight face, when deep inside we’re breaking. We wanna strangle you and say “I’m here you moron! Love me!”

As much as I don’t want to complicate things, I guess I shall be content with where I am. Taking things any further would only break my heart. Yes, I am happy being his meantime girl. Even if he rings me when he needs me. Even if I’m his last resort when everyone has left him. Even if I accompany him to parties when his girlfriend is not available. In the meantime, I’m happy being a meantime. [*Labo*]


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