It’s 8:26 as I write this. It’s a dreary Sunday evening and the song we’re playing at the station Is Darren Hayes’ Insatiable. The song’s title reminds me of the Mensa test I took a few days ago. For those who are not familiar with Mensa, it’s supposed to be this “smart people only” group founded by Roland Berill and Dr. Lance Ware back in 1946. Hearing this from my friends sparked my curiosity and I found myself taking the exam. Just like any IQ test, the questionnaire is a mix of logic, arithmetic and comprehension items. Arithmetic is enough to turn me off. Guess what I thought when I found out I’m supposed to finish the test in 30 minutes.

Since I had nothing to do in between reports, I decided to go for it. It took a little longer for me to finish the exam [working would be the perfect excuse]. What I considered crazy were those math problems and anagrams, I admit I took most of my time solving those. As I got to the end of the test and received my results, I wasn’t devastated; I wasn’t happy either. Going through the exam has taught me something about myself.

I think that most people would be able to ace the exam, if only we had the patience to go through it and observe every detail. In my case, math turns me off for the very reason that I do not like spending time on lengthy equations, only to come up with a simple answer. Definitely not for me.

If you come to think of it, some of the things we encounter in life are like math problems. We have to go through a series of events to be able to get to the bottom of things. Short-cuts sometimes, are allowed, but it is in taking things step by step that we learn much.

And so, just to give you a little teaser of the Mensa test:

Only one other word can be made from all the letters of INSATIABLE. Can you find it?

Good luck and God bless you!


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