I know that this is way overdue, as Tagalog terms would put it, huli na sa balita.

What do I think of Baby Suri? Oh wow, she’s adorable, but then I still couldn’t help but think why Tom and Katie chose to keep her from public view upon birth. Anyway, it’s none of my business. It’s their baby. It did spark a lot of controversy though. How would Suri react to this after sixteen years?
“Oh my gosh Mom! I TOTALLY CANNOT believe I was the MOST FAMOUS BABY ever! Like totally!”
“Chris Klein is my dad? After all these years? Thank God for telling me. I was almost desperate that my dad turned out to be a lunatic scientologist.”

Heehee. Oh well. I’m sure everyone’s gonna watch out for this girl to grow up. Poor little Suri. Her life will be under public scrutiny! Future tabloid headlines:

“Suri Cruise and Shiloh Pitt star in THE SIMPLE LIFE Reloaded”
“Suri and Shiloh fighting for the THAT’S HOT crown”
“Maddox dumps Suri”



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