The Sacrifice of Christ

While meeting up with some church mates earlier, we saw this clip from the Passion of the Christ. Geez. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ, for you and me. He went through all that to reconcile you to the Father. If it weren’t for his death, we’d all be burning in hell. Back in the Old Testament days, as soon as sin set the gap between God and man, salvation has never been easy if man tried to do it on his own. If you get the chance to read Leviticus, you will see that for every sin, there is a corresponding sacrifice for it to be forgiven. Blood had to be shed, for without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin. This is the reason why God sent Christ, for it is never possible for man to save himself. Christ is the only way, the death of one man meant the forgiveness of many. All we have to do is believe, confess that we are sinners and accept him in our hearts as our Lord and Savior. With Christ’s sacrifice, man would never have to go through a thousand different sacrifices for his sin to be cancelled out.

Allow me to share with you this dream Joshua Harris (the author of “I Kissed Dating Good-bye”) had some years back:
Joshua was in a library and he saw this huge stack of what appeared to be catalog cards that contained every sin he committed. Under every card was his signature. He was very embarassed upon seeing that the slightest lustful thoughts were recorded. More drawers opened up before him and everything contained “sin cards” with his name signed underneath. He wallowed in shame and cried until Jesus came to his side, taking the cards and signing his name over Joshua’s, in bold red ink. He tried to stop Jesus from doing so, but Jesus just stared at him, saying “It is finished.” Joshua’s sins were atoned for.
Though it was a dream, it is a clear illustration of what Christ did for you and me. =D

Jesus loves you so much.


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