I got a headache and it’s killing me! My goodness. I thought this week would start out fine, but then, guess what, I WOKE UP LATE THIS MORNING! Eeek!!! When I wake up, I know I’m in trouble when I see the sun shining outside my window. Urgh! As I prepared, I kept myself calm and prayed to God that he would free up the lanes a bit. At about that time, I know that going to Ortigas would be h***. Surprisingly, when I got on the road, it wasn’t too disappointing. God cleared up the lanes for his little princess. =D

I was able to make it for my second batch of reports for Crossover and Dream and that made me happy. The Lord is really good. More blessings to count, I thank the Lord because I am doing something I really love–aside from doing traffic/news for Crossover, Dream and RT, I also am a DJ at Mellow947. I remember back in college that being a broadcaster was just one of my many dreams. I started off with Wave89.1 for my OJT, but it only lasted a month because of my school schedule. A year ago, I found myself in RX93.1. Training has been good. Been under one of the best–Jude Rocha. His work is just… TIGHT–every second counts, his AOBs are delivered with quality and precision and his song choices aren’t tacky. No room for dead air… geez, I remember I was on board once during training and I had a 3-second gap because I forgot to press a button. I did get a few scoldings for the mistakes I’ve done, but everything paid off, quality wise. It heightened my awareness at work and anything I do.

Later, I moved on to the night shift, boarded with my best buddy Luigi from 2 til 6 in the morning. Those days were a blast! Really! We opened up our very own chat room which we fondly call Pandora’s Box. The RX Insomniac Society was formed and a lot of things sprung up from there. I remember Luigi getting into a few arguments with listeners and they were just funny. Some people take things seriously, while Mr. Crazy just pokes fun at things. =D

Late last year, I had to stop boarding because my TV career was picking up. I had a weekly show on Channel 4, which taped on different days depending on car events and launches, and then the real estate show on Studio 23 came along, with me as the multi-tasking main host, production manager and segment producer. Those were crazy months for me. Imagine I had to look polished and so on-top of things, when I knew that the off-camera work was just so demanding! Thank God for the power team–Kathleen, Fionna, Jayson, Dante and Aizah–the first season wouldn’t have kicked off without them.

Now I’ve gone back to radio and its so much fun. I pretty much know where the Lord is taking me, but since I am human, my discernings are limited. I only have to trust him and hold on to his promise

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord
“Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

And that future includes marriage! But not now. I still have so much to do and I know that I am not ready. Venice, we talked about this! Geez, the thought of marriage and children appalls me, right now. I mean, I still don’t see myself stuck at home, making meals for the family, waiting for the kids to get home… oh no no no. Of course, when God calls me to do it, then I’ll go. But there’s a right time for everything. Right now, I know that the Lord wants me to enjoy being single, develop myself and walk closer with him, as he also prepares the one.

Right now, I am on board at 94.7 with a new partner named Romeo. He’s been here before I joined so he pretty much helped me settle down. I also am happy with my other workmates who are absolutely nice. =D The station’s format takes a little getting used to, as I come from a pop background. We’re getting there although we don’t wanna go all-out pop. God led me here for a purpose. I remember praying for his leading among the three stations that were offering jobs to me, and yes, he did impress it upon my heart that I go to Mellow. =D

So much for today. I am ready to sleep. Love you all!


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