Happy Day

The day turned out well. I just know it… someone asked if I was in love. Hahaha
Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. At the moment, all I can do is enjoy… enjoy things within God’s standards. If the past week has been miserable, I can feel that this week will turn out fine. When you get things off your chest and pretenses are put to rest, everything is smooth. It doesn’t matter if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. I am happy with things and I enjoy God’s love.

Regarding the confusing matter I have brought up more than once in this blog, I am happy to let you know that everything’s going great. Some things that were supposed to be said a long time ago have been said. I was surprised. On hind sight, I sort of regret letting it slip for more than a year. Although it may lack substance now, I am thankful for it was given importance–I was given importance.

No amount of legal fashiznit can match what I feel now. But still, the images haunt me. The good thing is, people are aware, they know about it and if anything happens to me at any moment, no escape for the other party. Thank you dear Lord for keeping me safe.

Light news, I bought a pair of black beaded satin wedges today. They had the last pair in my size so I took it. It was on sale (obviously, because not everyone has feet that are size 10) and I grabbed the opportunity of owning a beautiful gem. Life is good. I also got a trim earlier, with Grace and Lanie.
The day almost didn’t start well by the way, I woke up early, curled my hair. Ate breakfast, continued doing my hair and I cannot believe I MISSED MY RIDE. It turned out, the porch lights weren’t turned on. Thank God my Mom was awake. She gave me a ride.
But that didn’t dampen my mood. I was happy.

I got to work later than usual, but I still was early for my regular time-in. It felt good to be back. I eagerly waited for my first traffic report, I so wanted to make up for my performance last week. The flu-stained performance. Eeeerk. I so hate getting sick. When you’re working, it ain’t the same as going to school. In school, when you’re sick, you miss out on lessons and the instructor’s terror trippings. When you’re working, you miss out on the chance of doing a good job and you lose money. Yes folks, to those who are still in school–missing a workday means losing out on a day’s worth of wages. My nose was congested. My voice kept breaking and I coughed non-stop. I decided to absent myself because I really was not feeling good. Also, I wanted to spare my precious workmates from catching the virus. =)

Just a few, just a few, just a few. I can imagine my bed calling me. I need to rest my painful back. Oh, and ITS NOT RHEUMATISM. Back pains, stress..


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