It’s a lovely Saturday morning and I can’t stop myself from writing about this. I woke up at around 7 and it felt so warm and mushy in my bed. Yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon re-arranging my furniture and organizing my stuff. My room now looks like a kitchsy department store full of color-coordinated clothes, earring hangers, scarf displays, and a colorful shoe rack. I absolutely love my room. To top it off, I lighted two incense sticks—I’m a sucker for rooms that smell oh-so good.

My room pretty much reflects who I really am—the colorful splashes, the books, the decoration. It is me. As I was cleaning up yesterday, I just thought that our lives are pretty much like our rooms. Sometimes, it gets messed up. You have the choice of having someone clean it for you or you do the task yourself. I personally like doing it on my own since I know what I want and what to do with what I own. When I was sorting through stuff, I realized that there are so many things I accumulated that I don’t even get to use. Some that only add weight to my already overflowing room. In life, we tend to carry a lot of extra baggage that we don’t really need. Instead of moving on, things slow down for us because the baggage is just too much to carry. Learn to let go of stuff that don’t matter, stuff that won’t do you any good.

I must admit that it does take awhile for me to part with things that used to matter. My sentiments are already attached, but then, if I don’t let go, when will I move on? I’ve been on earth 21years and its no joke to release memories. Thankfully, some part of my brain does the deleting and that makes things a bit easier for me. By the grace of God, I also have learned to forgive the people who have wronged me. God has shown me that vengeance is not the automatic consequence when someone sins against you. In time, God shows them the error of their ways and a miraculous change takes place. It’s unbelievable but yes, it does happen. Sometimes, its even more tormenting to think of how you would ask the person to forgive you, than to experience what you did.

Just my piece of sentimental blah blah for today.


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