Nothing much I can say to update you. Except that I have realized that NO ONE WILL EVER REGRET THEY TITHED AND GAVE THEIR OFFERINGS TO GOD. Yes, it is true. The Lord is good. Prioritize your giving to Him. Do not delay, give him the best. I hope I do not eat my words. Lately, I’ve been experiencing all kinds of trials. It’s good, in the sense that it means I am walking closer with the Lord. When you walk closer to God, Satan attacks you all the more just to keep you off track. My work is pretty stressful. I get to think about it all the way home, I do enjoy it though. I am allowed to be myself. Office mates… well they’re good. Oh, one thing I learned, if you are nice, people will be nice to you as well, except those who are really immature and insecure. 

 I promised God that I would use this blog, to post my devotionals and my reflections on them. I admit I haven’t been able to sit down everyday and blog them. I have them all ready at home, its just that I haven’t been able to open my blog daily. It’s no excuse though. I gotta find time to do this for God. To anyone who gets to read this, a Christian sister or brother you may be, do pray for me. Stress is beginning to take its toll on me but I am thankful for the Lord’s mercies are new every morning, His compassions never fail and His faithfulness never diminishes. 

 May God bless you the entire week. Our pilot air date is near. Darn it. Oh Lord help me.


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