The 14 Worst Kinds of Late People


Did you find yourself in the list? :D

Originally posted on TIME:

“What late people don’t understand about on-time people,” comedian Mike Birbiglia says in a stand-up routine, “is that we hate them.” He goes on to make a clear distinction between two types of people: earlies and laties. And getting a reputation as a latie, he says, is not a good thing.

Was it cool when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently arrived 80 minutes late at the Vatican — the Vatican! — to deliver a speech about climate change? (Or all the other times he was seriously behind schedule?) Was it all fine and good that time Nicki Minaj crept in late to a live broadcast of American Idol? How about when your friend Scott (ugh, Scott) showed up a half hour late to your coffee date for the fifth time?

The answer, of course, is no. No, lateness is not cool. Sure, it happens to…

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Holy Land Photoblog: The Western Wall and The Temple Mount

The Western Wall has always been kind of mysterious to me. All I knew before visiting is that it’s a very sacred site in Judaism and thousands of people visit daily to worship and pray.




The 57-meter stretch on the western side of the Temple Mount was built by King Herod in 19 BCE.IMG_5740-001


Also called “The Wailing Wall,” Jews gather here to pray morning, afternoon and evening. There are separate areas for men and women.




The Second Temple was among those destroyed during the Siege of Jerusalem in AD 70. If you look at Matthew 24, Jesus prophesied “Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.”









Hair Story: Going from Red to Ash

My hair has gone through quite an adventure this year. In February I dyed it red because my stylist Apple convinced me I needed a new look for 2015.

My red hair's first outing - The Burt's Bees X Sample Room event

My red hair’s first outing – The Burt’s Bees X Sample Room event

Me after the talk I gave for an org in Ateneo

Me after the talk I gave for an org in Ateneo

Me and my disciple Kayla, showing off our promise rings

Me and my disciple Kayla, showing off our promise rings

The thing with red hair is that you have to be careful because it can leave red marks on your light-colored clothes even when your hair gets slightly wet. Summer was merciless this year in terms of heat. At the end of the day, I discovered red stains on my clothes which I was able to remove as long as I washed them right away but it was such a hassle. I then decided to chop my hair off and get a lob.

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