Thank you JANET HSIEH!

I am so honored to have Fun Taiwan host Janet Hsieh campaign for me to be the #ChosenJuan! Thank you Janet, from the bottom of my heart! You’re AWESOME! Don’t forget to catch Fun Taiwan All Stars: The Wedding Special on TLC!

Please pray and help me be the CHOSEN JUAN!
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Do not conform to the pattern of this world

ROMANS-12-2-youversion-most-popular-verseA good reminder for myself and fellow believers: Remember who you are in CHRIST. Remember WHOSE you are. How easy it is to be engulfed by the world, to feel like you’re traversing & making a stand but you begin to realize that you’re going with the current and not against it. Our values, our stand, our Biblical beliefs, our faith will always be challenged as people grow more accustomed to sin.

I’m not perfect, I still sin and am a work in progress. But with Jesus as my Lord & Savior, I must continuously be transformed by Him and desire to sin less.