Holy Land Photoblog: Caesarea Maritima

Would you believe that this was again founded by Herod the Great? The man was obviously rich, had a penchant for building colossal structures but he was also very paranoid specially when it came to power. He is the king who ordered the killing of male infants, after the visiting Magi asked him about the “one who has been born king of the Jews.” Aside from that, it’s also been recorded that Herod had his wives (Doris and Mariamne I) and two of his sons (Alexander and Aristobolus IV) killed.

Herod started building Caesarea Maritima in 22BC. It was named in honor of Augustus Caesar and became the Roman administrative capital, the military base of Pontius Pilate, Antonius Felix and other Roman officials.




The remains of the pool. It was said to be filled with fresh water and had a statue in the middle.


What luxury! Imagine a presentation at the bottom with the beautiful sea as the backdrop. I'd love to do a concert there. Bring in the orchestra, I'm ready for my solo.

What luxury! Imagine a presentation at the bottom with the beautiful sea as the backdrop. I’d love to do a concert there. Bring in the orchestra, I’m ready for my solo.


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What happens during a RevLite treatment?

I bet you’ve heard a lot of celebrities talk about it and you’ve seen billboards almost everywhere in the metro. What is this RevLite thing and what can it do for my skin? For years, women have searched for the perfect skin product that can address these common problems:

-Uneven skintone

-Huge pores

-Sunspots and freckles

-Fine lines, wrinkles

-Acne scars

While there are stellar products that can specifically address these skin problems (mind you, they’re pricey too. You have to pay good money for excellent quality right?), we also have to remember that we all have different skin types and skin needs. It can be tricky to find a skin care product that really works with one’s skin, meaning no allergies, no nasty side effects. Thank God for advancements in dermatology! If store-bought products don’t work, your dermatologist might have the perfect skin technology for you. RevLite is a skin laser technology administered by top dermatologists.  RevLite is considered the gold-standard in treating Asian skin. I’ve been a RevLite user since last year and I’d say I’m very much satisfied with the results.

How often should I go for a RevLite treatment? My dermatologist, Dra. Joan Clarence says every 2-3 weeks. I actually appreciate that she makes me kulit about my RevLite schedule because I know I’d only be able to see the results and maximise the benefits if I follow the regular schedule. Still, it depends on what your skin concern is. Freckles and sunspots can usually disappear after 2-3 sessions, while tattoos, birthmarks, fine lines and wrinkles will entail more sessions.

Which parts can RevLite be used? Almost any body part covered with skin (except your eyes for obvious reasons).

How long does a RevLite session last? 20-45 minutes, depending on the area being treated and skin concern being addressed.

What should I do before and after a RevLite session? It is not recommended that you wash or put any creams on the treated area for at least 6 hours after the RevLite session. If you’re having your face treated, you’ll have to make sure you wash it clean, removing all traces of make-up and dirt or better yet, have a facial done before the session.

Will it hurt? No but you’ll have to get used to the tingling sensation as the RevLite wand hovers over your skin. The smell might get a little unsettling but trust your dermatologist that she won’t burn your skin. Only dermatologists who are certified and trained by Cynosure (manufacturer of RevLite) can perform the treatment.

How much will it cost? A session begins at around P4,000. You can save more by getting the packages which are bundled with freebies.

Call Clarence Center to find out more about RevLite: 8972348 | 09065459628 | 09985733348.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Pond’s Flawless White BB Cream


Initial review: I was quite impressed with the smooth and light formulation. It went on really well on my skin and had a smooth finish. The smell is pleasant but not overpowering.


How did it work with other products? It blended really well with my Ellana mineral powder. I did notice that I tend to get oily at noon time so the product slides off or looks cakey. Just retouch with a small amount on the spots that really need it.

The downside: PIMPLE BREAKOUT. I thought I found my new favorite BB cream but after five days, I started getting pimples! I initially blamed stress and PMS for the breakouts but I’ve been sleeping early, exercising regularly and eating healthy. So off I went to my dermatologist and she recommended Epiduo to dry out the pimples. Still, I observed that new pimples (that were huge and painful) would appear even after my period. Prior to using the product, I’ve never had a breakout. Heck even as a commuting college student, I’d just get a pimple or two during finals season but never a breakout like this. 



Coverage ♥♥♥

Formulation ♥♥♥

Scent ♥♥♥♥

Staying Power ♥♥♥

The product clearly, isn’t a good match for my skin. I’m not saying it won’t work for you. This is why I really support product sampling. I’ve been partners with Sample Room for a few years now and I love that they continuously bring in new products for members to try (in sample or sometimes in full sizes) before buying and committing to a product. What may work for some people may not necessarily work for you. You have to factor in your skin type, your activities and even certain ingredients you’re allergic to.

Holy Land Photoblog: Masada

Masada has such a moving historical background as told by Josephus Flavius. Built by Herod between 37-31 BC as his Northern Palace, this desert fortress served as a refuge for some 1000 Jewish zealots and rebels who revolted against the Romans in 66 CE.

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In 73 CE, Flavius Silva led the 10th Roman Legion to conquer Masada. They infiltrated the fortress through a siege tower and fortified camps that can be seen from the viewing deck.


Before the legion even reached the top, the zealots (as told by Josephus Flavius) decided to take their lives in their hands instead of surrender and become slaves to the Romans. The only ones left to tell the story of Masada were two women and five children who hid in a cistern.



Product Review: Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel

Weather changes mean that we also have to switch to summer-appropriate skin care products. Heavy creams and moisturisers would have to be shelved for the season as we embrace products with lighter formulations that still protect and address our skin concerns.

Pond’s just launched their Pearl Cleansing Gel–a light, rose-scented facial cleanser that effectively removes dirt and make-up without excessively drying out the skin. The gel formulation is perfect for those with sensitive skin while those who wish to brighten their complexion would be happy to know that the Vitamin B3 and Pearl Essence-infused product can lighten the skin gently.


Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel 100g – P155; Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel 50g – Php85


I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks now. I love that it removes my make-up after a single wash (except my waterproof mascara of course) and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean but not tight. Though it’s gentle on the skin, like other products it can sting your eyes. I had myself scrambling to splash water onto my peepers when I accidentally rubbed the gel while washing my face. :P

Can it whiten the facial skin? I’ve noticed it’s not an immediately noticeable kind of lightening but more of a bright, freshening effect on the skin. Over all, I am satisfied with the product and will most likely purchase another tube when my stock runs out.

Below is a video coverage of the Pond’s and Sample Room partnership at Aracama, The Fort: